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Public Houses

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Public Houses

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Not only is a pub a place to drink beer and eat freshly cooked food, but it is also a place to join together with friends to catch up on life's daily adventures. In order to truly enjoy your time at any pub, there must be a relaxing but upbeat atmosphere, great food and of course, good beer on tap. Without these three key things at a pub, you will probably find yourself switching your hangout half way through the evening. Before you even make a decision on where to meet up with your friends, you should always look into customer ratings and there overall rating is as a pub.

A Welcoming Atmosphere

Walking into a pub with no welcoming faces or upbeat decor, leaves customers feeling unwelcome almost immediately. Even if the pub is well decorated and furnished, it is the regulars and the staff that make the atmosphere either welcoming or unwelcoming. The day you walk into a pub and feel right at home with other customers nodding or waving to welcome you over for a seat is the day that you should make the decision to become a regular at that particular pub.

What's Cooking?

Everyone loves a good meal after having a few beers, so why waste your time at a pub that does not offer a delicious, well put together menu? Every pub menu should not only include the normal nachos, french fries and mozerella sticks, but they should also include other meal varieties like burgers, salads, wraps and even paninis.

Beer on Tap

If a pub does not have your favorite beer on tap, than you are most likely at the wrong pub. If by chance you are a beer explorer, you will need to find a pub that offers a wide variety of beers on tap such as new ales out on the market, unique high end beers and of course everyones favorite domestics such as Bud Light and Samuel Adams.