What Makes a Good Public House?

20 Pub Beers To Try Before You Die

Public Houses

If you have never been on a pub crawl on a warm Saturday afternoon leading to a late chicken kebab on a Sunday morning then quite simply you haven't lived.  When you finally go on your first pub crawl try to choose pubs with a variety of different beers to give you the opportunity to taste what's on offer.  Of course, after 3 hours of drinking all the beers will begin to taste the same but pub crawls have to be done as part of yours rites of passage.

1. Budweiser: The most famous beer in the world and one of the most tastiest due to the smooth, crisp taste that lingers on your tongue.

2. Iron City: One of the cheapest and ugliest labeled beers on the market, but it remains one of the tastiest low priced beers around.

3. Amstel Light: A light beer with a smooth, crisp taste.

4. Red Stripe: A popular beer with a true Jamaican taste.

5. Smithwicks: Irelands third most popular beer.

6. Fosters: Foster's was created in Australia, but has the most fans in the United States.

7. Victory: An extremely strong beer with a unique bold flavor.

8. Corona: Corona is an extremely popular summer beer that is at its best when served with a slick of lime and a small pinch of salt.

9. Ommegang: The Ommegang is the fastest growing U.S. micro-brews that were created in Cooperstown, NY.

10. Chimnay: Surperiot ale with a fruity taste and made by Belgian monks.

11. Stella Artois: A great crisp, smooth beer great for any imported beer fans.

12. Paulaner: One of the highest ranking wheat beers on the market.

13. Newcastle: An excellent tasting brown ale with a sharp taste.

14. Samuel Adams: Samuel Adams offers consumers a wide variety of different flavored beers for every season and occasion you could ever dream of.

15. Rogue: Brewed in Oregon and one of the first ales to be micro-brewed.

16. Sam Smith's: Brewed in a Yorkshire, England brewery and made into a strong tasting beer with a smooth aftertaste.

17. Yuengling: Yuengling is Americas oldest brewed beers that are primarily available in the Mid-Atlantic area and the Southern states.

18. Guiness: One of the most popular Irish beers that has a bold taste with a great kick.

19. Sierra Nevada: Intense flavor, great color, amazing kick and a creative green label.

20. Westvleteren: This beer can only be bought at the monastery by calling ahead and there is a one case limit per car.